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Available courses:

•    GIS for Exploration and Mining (1 day course)

Hands-on course tailored to geoscience professionals focusing on the fundamentals of ArcGIS workflows used in the mining industry including spatial data capture, query and analysis.

•    3D Geological Modelling (2 day course)

Hands-on course for geologists who wish to take advantage of the latest software to develop robust 3D models demonstrating the workflows to creating geological and grade models typically used in exploration and resource estimation.

•    Applied Structural Geology (2 day course)

Practical course covering key concepts in structural geology tailored to the mining industry, including data collection from mapping and drill core, analysis and interpretation.
•    Effective Geotechnical Data Collection (1/2 day course)
A course to develop understanding of geotechnical data requirements and methods for ensuring efficient collection of fit-for-purpose geotechnical data and avoiding common pitfalls and errors.

•    Mining Project Evaluation (2 hour seminar)
Lunchtime presentation that examines the project evaluation process and specifically the lessons and benefits of using this process.
•    Underground Mining Ground Awareness (site based)
A practical, hands-on course on ground awareness, failure mechanisms, high stress indicators and ground support, for underground operators, with classroom and underground components.
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