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Geotechnical Engineering

The right foundation for a profitable project

Stable mine workings, pit slopes and tunnels, solid foundations: whether it's a mine development, a tunnel, a plant site or a road cutting, you don't need to risk costly surprises from unforeseen instability, settlement or seismic hazards. We are a leading innovator in geotechnical engineering, combining extensive expertise with sophisticated modelling capabilities to help you minimise risk and develop cost effective solutions for any project.

The geotechnical group encompasses geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, soil and rock mechanics engineers and civil engineers integrated with our hydrogeological, tailings, geoenvironmental, structural geology and mining groups. Our team has experience in conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies; due diligence; mine design; operational review and assistance; risk assessments and training.

Our services are wide ranging and allow for a flexible response to your needs, these include:

  • Geotechnical field investigation, mapping and data collection
  • Rock mass characterisation and domain modelling
  • Site soils characterisation for excavations and foundations
  • Slope and tunnel stability analysis
  • Assessment of modes of failure
  • Fragmentation analysis
  • Cavability analysis
  • 2-D and 3-D numerical modelling
  • Design of support systems
  • Mining method selection
  • Mining sequence optimisation
  • Project Management
  • On-site training
  • Operational Support

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SRK provides international experience and high-level expertise in geochemistry, environmental assessments, closure planning, etc. from offices in Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Argentina.
At SRK we have the knowledge and experience to perform open pit studies from scoping to feasibility level, as well as provide operational support, across most major resource types. Our consultants have worked on deposits on most continents, bringing both a broad perspective and international experience to your projects. We...
Mining Engineers and Rock Mechanics Engineers are valuable members of the SRK Consulting team.
SRK has the knowledge and experience to engage in underground rock engineering projects across most major resource types. By integrating our expertise in rock mechanics with our understanding of the mining business, our team can provide highly practical advice and solutions that ensure the success of your project. Our team...
SRK Geotechnical Services: Material Flow Modelling
Modelling gravitational material flow is essential for optimising extraction and reducing dilution on operations where material flow is part of the extraction method. SRK can provide the engineering expertise and advanced numerical modelling you need to add value to your projects. SRK uses MFlow software to model gravity flow and...
Numerical modelling
SRK works with its clients to provide expertise in the geotechnical characterisation of site conditions and the application of material models for effective numerical modelling. Beyond that, SRK is an efficient and competent partner to deal with complexity using a comprehensive set of modelling tools for geotechnical interpretation, design, sensitivity...
At SRK, we believe that an efficient and effective geotechnical study is an integral component of any proposed mine or mining project. Our fieldwork teams combine engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, structural geology and hydrogeology skills to collect accurate and comprehensive data sets for appropriate characterisation and evaluation of sites; facilitating...
Whether it's for mining or civil engineering projects, SRK has experienced professionals that can provide appropriate, cost-effective solutions for your site development. Our geotechnical team has the skills to develop clear, comprehensive sets of foundation design options, slope stability assessments or hazard evaluations. We can assist you to overcome the...

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