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SRK At Mine Closure 2019

3-5 September | Perth, Australia | Booth #21
Technical presentations:
A demonstration of the cessation of spontaneous combustion in a coal overburden spoil pile
Presenter: Andrew Garvie (SRK Sydney) | Wednesday 4 September, Session 11, 11.50am
Does the integration of EIA and mine closure planning deliver effective Mine Closure Plans in WA?
Presenter: Rebecca Getty (SRK Perth) | 
 Wednesday 4 September, Session 10, 12.10pm
Tailings storage facility landform evolution modelling
Presenter: Heather Thomson (SRK Perth) | 
Tuesday 3 September, Session 5, 1.50pm
Geotechnical considerations for the stability of open pit excavations at mine closure – some scenarios
Presenters: Ian de Bruyn (SRK Perth) | Tuesday 3 September, Session 2, 10.50am
Social aspects of mine closure: the elephant in the room
Presenter: Jessica Edwards (SRK 
Johannesburg) | Tuesday 3 September, Session 3, 10.50am
Innovative community engagement for the quantitative risk assessment for a mine closure and reclamation plan
Presenter: Lee Christoffersen (SRK Vancouver) | 
Tuesday 3 September, Session 3, 12.10pm
Repurposing closure cost estimation tools: a Gold Fields case study of the benefit of integration
Presenter: Jason Beltran (SRK Perth) | Thursday 5 September, Plenary session 5, 4pm
Organizing Committee:
Jeff Parshley (Group Chairman, SRK Reno) is a member of the organizing committee
SRK is a proud sponsor of Mine Closure 2019
Contact our presenters:
Andrew Garvie
Principal Consultant

Rebecca Getty

Heather Thompson
Senior Consultant

Ian de Bruyn
Principal Consultant

Jessica Edwards
Senior Social Scientist

Lee Christoffersen

Rahul Peroor
Principal Consultant

Jason Beltran
Senior Consultant

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