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Mine Reclamation & Closure

Protecting the environment and transitioning properties to new land uses

At SRK, we combine our international closure experience with all aspects of mining, technical expertise and knowledge of local statutory requirements to identify and implement cost-effective closure solutions.

Mine closure planning is necessary at all stages of a mining operation. It should be implemented before mining commences and continue throughout the life of the mine until final closure and relinquishment. Closure plans and related financial securities are also required for permitting in many jurisdictions. The importance of mine closure to our business has led to extensive knowledge and understanding of closure requirements by all of our technical specialists. SRK approaches mine closure from an integrated technical perspective that involves a multidisciplinary team.

SRK uses a top-down approach to mine closure and reclamation projects. Possible reclamation and closure solutions are identified, the most appropriate alternatives are selected and the data required to evaluate these alternatives is determined. Investigations, reviews and studies are then scoped and initiated to collect and analyse these alternatives and to fill critical data gaps. As data becomes available, the alternatives are ranked based on effectiveness, economics, residual risk, and any other criteria specified by our clients. Engineering and procurement documentation are then prepared for implementation. SRK is experienced in the feasibility and detailed development of conceptual mine closure plans. We have specific local skills in the prediction of effluent characteristics, including acid rock drainage, for use in meeting regulatory requirements prior to, and at closure. We also provide construction supervision and management for a range of closure activities.

Our key services:

  • Development of closure concepts
  • Mine closure plans for regulatory compliance
  • Waste characterisation and specialist geochemical studies
  • Closure cost estimation modelling
  • Surface water management, sediment and erosion control
  • Design of final landforms and covers for mine voids, waste rock dumps and tailings facilities
  • Numerical flow and water quality modelling of pre- and post-closure conditions
  • Operations inspections and compliance reports
  • Pit void assessments
  • Contaminated sites investigation
  • Closure risk assessment


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