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Tailings, Heap Leach & Waste Management

Stable, cost effective and legally compliant surface facilities: whether it's a tailings facility, leach pad or municipal/industrial waste facility, you do not need costly surprises from instability, fluid discharges, dust emissions or any other permit violations. And, these facilities must be designed for practical operation and cost effective closure.

Providing you with a clear set of options and their time-related risks is a cornerstone of our engineering services. You can compare these alternatives and make an informed decision on the best option for your needs and risk profile. Our experience helps you minimise risk and keep projects on track and within budget.

SRK is capable of supporting you with sound advice and guidance through your project life cycle including the evaluation of options in the feasibility process, construction, operations and ultimately closure.

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Heap leach consultants strive to maximize product recovery while minimizing risks to safety and environment.
Ore placement and solution management greatly influence the design and layout of earthworks for a heap leach facility. At SRK Consulting, our approach is to assess and optimise earthwork and lining requirements based on the topographical and geotechnical characteristics of the site, the engineering characteristics of the ore, and the...
We have been extensively involved in the permitting, design, operation and closure of mine tailings and associated water disposal/management facilities since 1974. Our expertise includes a wide range of tailings products and hands-on knowledge of proven management techniques under a broad range of climatic conditions. To achieve real cost benefits,...

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