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Mineral Asset Valuations

Mineral asset valuations and techno-economic modelling are required in a variety of situations including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, project financing, tax or duty assessments, regulatory compliance, litigation and compensation. The preparation of such valuations requires not only technical expertise but also an astute commercial awareness.

With a thorough understanding of international technical disclosure requirements (i.e. JORC, VALMIN, SAMVAL, CIMVAL) and current best practice guidelines, SRK provides high quality, authoritative, impartial and comprehensive valuation services to its clients.

Our key services are:

  • Independent mineral asset valuations
  • Techno-economic modelling
  • Transaction support, including fatal flaw and due diligence reports and valuations
  • Benchmarking reports
  • Capital & operating cost analysis
  • Business & operational optimisation
  • Cost–benefit analysis
  • Risk and Scenario Analysis
  • Mining and exploration related information valuation
  • Project analysis
  • Portfolio analysis

SRK offers highly competent multi-disciplinary teams who can provide an in-depth technical assessment of an asset. These teams are supported by dedicated valuation specialists with a high degree of practical, technical and business expertise.

SRK’s valuation team is proficient in all valuation techniques (under the three main approaches of market, income and cost) and is at the forefront with respect to advanced valuation techniques such as probabilistic modelling and real options analysis.

Given investors’ increasing focus on risk analysis, SRK’s valuations incorporate the material factors influencing operational performance and their impact on value.

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