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Open Pit Mining

Filip Orzechowski
Geology, Mining, Geotechnical, Environmental/Social

Mining like all businesses looks to optimise their production chain, reduce costs, and be more efficient. There are some particular aspects in mining related to the mineral resource, such as ore characteristics, access, surrounding infrastructure and the environment that require special Read more... about 10 Things You Should Know About Surface Miners

Iñaki García Mendive and Alejo Sfriso
Rock Mechanics

Cerro Vanguardia is an Au-Ag mine located in the central plains of Santa Cruz, Argentina. The deposit comprises several veins 3.5 - 10m wide and 19km long. The exploitation is carried out by means of open pits 100 - 240m deep. More than fifty pits will be developed during the project lifetime. Read more... about Cerro Vanguardia open pit mining: Database management for stability analyses

William Gibson, Ian de Bruyn and Diane Walker
The inclination of any pit wall composed of stacks of benches is limited by the overall quality and structural complexity of the rock mass in which the slope is situated. For a bench stack angle that satisfies the stability criteria, various combinations of bench height, bench face angle and
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