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Mine Water Impacts & Management

Minimising contamination, optimising consumption, improving performance

Efficient water management is essential to all mining and mineral processing activities and must be dutifully considered during each development and operational cycle - from preliminary approvals, production, decommissioning and closure - and its practices must adhere to stringent environmental and socially responsible policies.

We offer an integrated approach to mine water management, combining specialist expertise in hydrology, hydraulics and hydrogeology with geotechnical, environmental and mining skills. Our extensive experience in wet, arid and cold climates enables us to provide cost-effective, practical solutions for your project, and identify methods for more efficient utilisation of water in mining and mineral processing.

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Groundwater Management and Hydrogeology Services
Groundwater can influence operations and cost for mining projects from project design through to closure. SRK’s multidisciplinary approach provides the experience and technical skills to manage the groundwater needs of your project, helping you to run a cost effective and successful operation. SRK provides a range of services to address...
Surface Water Services
Ensuring the effective management and development of water resources is in accordance with statutory requirements and client needs - this is the approach followed by SRK Consulting to problems involving surface water hydrology and hydraulics. Our team of specialist engineers and scientists combine their experience and skills to offer a...
Water Quality Monitoring
SRK Consulting maintains a staff of engineers, scientists, and technicians with experience in groundwater and surface water monitoring. We offer comprehensive services ranging from planning and permitting, to field sampling services including the collection of physical, chemical, and biological parameters. SRK’s field technicians are trained in proper sampling protocols for...

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